warning signs help is needed

Some Things to Watch for in Loved Ones

Parents, grandparents, and favorite uncles and aunts shower us with love and attention during our childhood, helping us to grow up feeling safe and secure. But at a certain point in life, as their mental and/or physical health begins slowly declining, they will need us to return the favor. But how does a layman know when that help is really needed? Here are a few traditional warning signs that an elderly loved one might need some additional care in their home.

  • Marked Decrease in Social Interaction. That might manifest itself in a noticeable decline in their interest to visit with longtime friends or even family members, or perhaps a sudden lack of interest in taking part in regular social outings (card games, meals or movie nights) with a circle of friends.

  • Deterioration in Personal Hygiene. This is perhaps one of the easiest-to-interpret signs that your loved one needs help. Watch for sudden weight loss (which can also be linked to depression), failure to change clothes for days or unkempt hair or body odor.

  • Declining Driving Skills. In addition to tickets for moving violations while driving, be on the alert for signs that loved ones have been in accidents, even if only fender benders.

  • Inability to Manage Personal Affairs. Look for unpaid bills that have been piling up, medications that haven’t been taken or important documents or keys that have been lost. A noticeably messier living area is also a classic hallmark of someone who is in need of some help.
  • Losing Interest in Eating or Severe Changes in Sleeping Patterns. These are classic signs of depression, and are especially common in the wake of the loss of a spouse.

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