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It All Starts With Quality People

At Heritage Home Healthcare, we know our reputation is only as good as the quality of your last interaction with your personal home aide. That’s why we put so much time and attention into recruiting, training and retaining the best possible caregivers. We’re family-owned and familyoperated, and we don’t welcome into our company anyone who we wouldn’t welcome into our own home, since we count on them to carry out our philosophy in our clients’ homes. That’s why we:

  • Carefully screen all employees
  • Ensure that all staff are properly trained & in-serviced
  • Make certain they’re bonded and insured
  • Regularly monitor their performance

Even if we didn’t carefully ensure that our service providers are fully qualified to meet your needs, the government would.  We are closely regulated by state and federal agencies.

Our Low Employee Turnover

Hiring good employees is not enough, of course. A successful company must also keep its best employees. At Heritage Home Healthcare, our best staff have remained with us for many years, well above the industry average. That means you’ll receive care from experienced, veteran caregivers, who have seen it all, and who know just how to respond when your loved one experiences a challenge or an emergency arises.

We Also Hire For Attitude

While skills training is important for staff, it’s also not enough to ensure success at Heritage Home Healthcare. It’s a given that your caregiver needs to know what to do when faced with various situations in caring for the elderly, disable or homebound client. What may be less obvious, however, is the less-tangible but equally important side of the job-the caring attitude and friendliness toward clients that any good aide must possess. After many years in the business, we understand that a warm smile and caring touch are sometimes the only difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied client. We know how to hire and retain staff who share that same orientation.

To Learn More…

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how our well-qualified staff can help you or your loved one continue to flourish in their own home, with the help of a customized care plan, tailored to their unique needs.

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